Duxiu 读秀

Duxiu (读秀中文学术搜索) is a full-text search interface to more than three million Chinese bibliographic entities in all subjects dating from the early 1930s to the present. It contains over 600 million pages of text, including about two million books, as well as journal articles, conference papers, video clips etc. New material is added monthly.

Click on 〖部分阅读〗 to view the first twenty pages of a book. Click on 〖图书馆文献传递〗 to have up to fifty additional pages or twenty per cent of the book (whichever is the lesser) sent per week as an email attachment. If these tabs do not appear, the book is not viewable online.

Members of Cambridge University may access Duxiu from any machine with an IP address within the "cam.ac.uk" domain by using the following URL:


Full user instructions may be found at:


N.B. Internet Explorer is recommended to view the database.